“We were exporting orders into Excel, running a macro, and importing into Quickbooks. Every day.  This is probably the least convoluted process we used to integrate our systems.”

Business automation is increasingly essential to compete in a steadily globalizing world where prices keep racing to the bottom.

If your daily focus is eaten up just keeping your business operational, where is the time to work on your business?  On marketing?  On innovation?  On quality improvements?

When your process is maxed out and you are afraid of the chaos that a sudden spike in orders would cause, something needs to change.

“Staff is our biggest expense.”

While this is often seen as a reason to cut staff, in reality, most businesses want to add people.  People are our biggest asset.  But only when they’re doing work that contributes to growth, improvements, and customer satisfaction.

When your best people are spending their days in front of spreadsheets, manually entering data, crunching numbers, and making reports, they’re not actively spending time coming up with new ideas, finding new clients, working on that new marketing initiative, or keeping your customers happy.

“I don’t know what I would do if Ted quit.”

While people are essential, your business’s existence shouldn’t be as fragile as any single employee.  Documenting and automating key processes helps keep your company robust, and lets your people focus on things that matter more.


Summe LLC understands IT systems are a critical component of competitive modern businesses, and as such, must be tailored to the business’s specific needs.

We generally start by documenting processes and performing a SWOT analysis on your current business.  We work with you to establish Key Performance Indicators to measure progress and define success, and we then find process bottlenecks.  Then, that done, we hit low-hanging fruit for a quick ROI, and then start working on medium- and long-term goals that can transform your company into a well-oiled (but still very human and approachable) machine.

During the course of engagements, we generally perform services such as the following:

  • Order/Process Management Systems Build / Modification
  • 3rd Party Software Integrations
  • Legacy Systems Overhaul / Upgrade
  • Business Automation
  • Infrastructure Automation / DevOps
  • Ticketing Systems
  • E-Commerce Site Build / Re-build
  • E-Commerce Integrations

That sounds like a lot?  Won’t that disrupt our current business and operations?

When you are already stretching (and if automation is becoming a priority, you definitely are) the idea of disrupting an already difficult business is as appealing as discovering the wasp’s nest in your garden.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be highly disruptive.

Our approach is an iterative and gradual one.  We work to build processes that allow incremental improvements and rollbacks when there are problems.  For systems that have to be replaced, we work out a plan that involves as little disruption as possible, and we automate everything possible in the process.

Finally, we make sure we are around and available during critical times to respond quickly to any issues that may be encountered while changes are being made.

See if we can help

While we can’t help everyone with everything, we love helping and solving problems.

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